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OD260 Calculator
This tool calculates the concentration of nucleic acids (DNA, RNA and oligos) according to their optical density (OD260).


Extinction coefficient:  [µg/ml]
(Change only if known for your oligo)  

Dilution volume:    µl
Sample volume:    µl



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What is OD260?

OD is a physical property of solutions defined as "Optical Density". It can be described as "how much light is absorbed by a solution at a given concentration when the solution is is put in a cuvette of a given width." The width of a cuvette is determining how many millimeters will the beam of light travel through the solution. The higher the concentration of a solution - the higher is the optical density of the solution. So, how to formularize the things said above? Beer and Lambert derived an equation that is known as Beer-Lambert Law (or sometimes just Beer's Law). Extinction coefficient is written as a small Greek letter epsilon (epsilon) or just e. Absorbance is written as A, concentration as c and length of the cuvette (in cm) as l. The formula for this law is: A = e x c x l

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